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Meal Planning Monday

October 18, 2010

This is a fun Monday post started by Rocky Mountain Mama that I thought would be good for me to participate in, given my whole Challenge and all … btw. don’t ask how it’s going, it’s been a long week in my household.

So to buy myself a little more time, I’ll post my meal plan for the week:

Sunday: Roast Chicken, Vegetarian Casserole (had momentary brain lapse and couldn’t figure out why the temp on the meat thermometer was saying the chicken was done and the time from the cookbook seemed to say I should leave the bird in for another 45 to an hour … then I remembered that I had it on convection.  doesn’t seem to affect baking times much but roasting is another story. chick was only slightly dry.  Also: I kept telling gus that we were having chicken and ooh look at the chicken and then every time he saw the thing he’d start going “bock bock bock!” … hey at least he knows where the food’s coming from.) ok enough with the tangents…
Monday: Pasta (with Leftover Chicken and Tomato Sauce), Steamed Veggies
Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Tangine (never made this one before, I’ll let you know how it goes!)
Wednesday: Leftovers as Available
Thursday: Out or TBD – If we can pick up something we will, but I didn’t shop for Thursday. We have Friday off so we often go out on Thursdays.
Friday: planning on visiting Disneyland! Gus’ first time!! so I haven’t planned anything.  If we don’t end up at D-land we’ll pick something up to make. Hoping it doesn’t rain.
Saturday: Visiting Fam for Dinner

Okay so this might be a little weak but it’s what I got!  Hopefully posting it from time to time will help me get better at it.  I have my moments! 🙂

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