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Running into Fall

November 1, 2010

Happy (Belated) Halloween! 

The weather was fall-like here in the Southland this weekend. We had rains on Friday night and sunny crisp mornings both Saturday and Sunday.  This made for good running weather both days this weekend: fresh air, cool breezes, the smell of wet earth and plants coming alive again.  In many parts of the country winter is the time when everything dies off, but here in Southern California, that is not the case! oh no! This is the time when all the dried up, dead, brown plants and weeds are resurrected into beautiful green carpets that smell like sage and grass clippings.   I love summer for long evenings and beaches. I love fall, winter and spring for clean air and hiking.  And running.  

Gus and Pumpkins - which for some unknown reason, he calls "money". huh.


 Saturday morning we took Gus to the park and each of us took turns with a short run around the area surrounding the park.  This setup is something that words really well for us.  Gus gets a lot of park-time and we both get runs in and all three of us get some fresh air and sunshine.  I tried to take the opportunity to explore the wetlands near the park we went to.  There are paths that lead through some of the habitat area and I’ve never been on any of them.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work out so well as they were closed off to the public this weekend. I’m not sure if that’s a regular thing or if it was because of a certain nesting period for the birds or what.  So I ended up running about two minutes on one path, trying another one for maybe a minute before hitting a dead end there and then finally following a perimeter path for a short while before that ended too – a full six minutes before I had planned to turn around.  So while it was a bit of a fail in that regard, it was really nice to be out in nature and running on a dirt path rather than my usual pavement. 

On Sunday morning, I attempted a route that includes a pretty hefty hill near my house. It’s an all-sidewalk route but I like it anyway because it’s straight out of my front door and it’s a hill I can really sink my feet into, if you know what I mean.  (I like hills. Weird, right?)  Well I forgot my watch and had to time the run with my iPhone stopwatch (which is a really great stopwatch, who’dathunkit?) but the downside was that I didn’t look at the stopwatch since it was tucked into my rear-end zipper pouch and I misjudged the time a certain distance was going to take me and ended up cutting my usual route unnecessarily short.  I ended up with about half the usual distance for that route, and then did a half-hearted hill repeat at the end to kind of beef it up a bit.   Lesson to me (and not the first time I’ve learned this one) plan your run and run your plan! 

But I got out there.  Both days even! And that’s huge.  I finished Sunday’s run at the farmers market where I met up with Masa and Gus for some Halloween festivities and music.  Laura and her husband even made an appearance (not their normal farmers market) and her very presence inspired me to do a little actual shopping this time! Yay!

The rarified Gus-Puppy on his way to the day care center's "parade"

Halloween was pretty great.  For all his whining of late and proficient use of the word “no!” (or actually more like, “doh!”) Gus is quite good at providing hours of entertainment and hilarity. I’ve included a photo of my boy and his pumpkins (above) and a shot of the rarely seen Gus-puppy. He tolerated the costume for a grand total of about 45 seconds last night so this pic is from Friday’s daycare festivities. Laura and co. joined us at the house and we gave candies and toys to costumed beggars.  I tried to stay out of the candy, myself, but wasn’t all that successful.  Oh well. Today’s a new day. And a new month! Am I the only one who is completely floored that it’s already NOVEMBER?!?! How in the heck? 

Hope happy and safe Halloweens were had by all. 



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