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Nothing is Certain

November 11, 2010

What is it that they say about the best laid plans of mice and men, again?  Just when we think we have it all figured out, and we have the magic Plan that will make our dreams come true, something happens and messes it all up.

Remember how I said we were going to try IUI this cycle?  Well, we still might.  But we don’t know.  It will all depend on timing.  The reproductive lab where my husband will have his sperm washed for the IUI requires that he take a blood test first to make sure he doesn’t have any communicable diseases.  They wanted to charge us something like $400 for this blood test.  I thought that was ridiculous, and figured if he went to a regular doctor’s office for the test then maybe his insurance would cover it. (Turns out it won’t, but it is still costing a lot less).

Well my husband took a long time to actually look into this and figure it out.  When he finally called to make an appointment, the soonest they could do it was today,  day 13 of my cycle.  When he went to have the blood test done, they told him it would take a week to get the results.  A *week*.  That means that I may be on cycle day 20 by the time he gets the results.  And if my body decides to ovulate before then, I guess we won’t be doing IUI this cycle.

It’s okay.  Of course it is.  What’s one more cycle?  Of course we can try on our own (as usual) to get pregnant, with the aid of Clomid and Pre-Seed.  And hey, maybe it will be one of those amazing stories where we’ll say “We were going to do IUI, but there was a delay, and we ended up getting pregnant the old-fashioned way!”  A girl can dream.

I just hate not knowing.  The one cycle where I thought I actually had some control over how things were going to go down, and now I’m hanging on the edge of my seat again.  If the Clomid does its thing, and I ovulate when a “normal” person would, then we probably won’t get to try IUI this cycle.  If I ovulate late like I normally do, and like I did even last cycle when I was taking Clomid for the first time, then we will try IUI this cycle.  It’s anybody’s guess.

Meanwhile I find this cycle to be filled with waiting for calls from my doctor, and waiting for my husband to make the calls he needed to make to move things along.  And of course, waiting to get pregnant.  My entire life these days is about playing the waiting game.

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