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Three Steps Forward, Five Steps Back

February 12, 2011
We’ve experienced a minor setback over here. Following three successful days of cutting out the morning nursing session, the child morphed into the Toddler of Terror. Crying. Whining. Irritable. Clingy. Screaming. All of this combined with his cold a week ago, a nagging cough, and a snotty nose, led me to believe that the culprit most likely resided in my sons left ear canal in the form of a raging infection.

Gus’ left ear tube (I don’t know the scientific name) is, apparently, ill formed for proper drainage. He’s had infection after infection on that side, poor bunny. The doctor seems to think he’ll outgrow it soon, but if it starts to get chronic again, we’ll see about tubes. The thing is, he’s such a trooper that it took us  a while to catch on. In fact, one time we went in for his well visit thinking everything was hunky dory and lo and behold. Ear infection. Who knew?

We certainly didn’t.

But now I’ve learned to recognize the signs so in we go. And yesterday, my suspicions were confirmed.
Ear: infected.
Child: not being a punk for the hell of it.
Mama: feels like a chump.

So for now we’re back to square one. Since nursing seems to relieve his pain and comfort him, we’re back to a morning and night (with naps on weekends) schedule. Once he’s clear we’ll be back on the weaning wagon.

Always something, isn’t it?

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