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Stress Release

February 18, 2011

I am trying really hard to keep my stress level down.  That was the whole point of trying not to think about TTC this month.  And then my husband got sick, and well, I stressed out about it.  I drove to work instead of taking the bus in case I had to hurry home at a moment’s notice if he took a turn for the worse.  Driving also stresses me out.  I nearly got into a car accident yesterday, which stressed me out even more.

To top it off, our cats have been little devils every morning, doing everything in their power to wake me up at about 4 am.  This stresses me out, too.  And I’ve been gaining weight, in spite of exercising regularly.  Stress.  Yes.  Our heater has stopped working again.  Stress.  And, of course, work?  How could I forget work.  Stress.

Let’s take a time out, shall we?  A time out from the stress?  Is that possible???

The other day at work I actually made a list of things that help me to relieve stress.  Yeah, I am one of *those* people – you would think list-making would induce even more stress.  But it doesn’t.  You should try it.  In fact, add list-making to the list.

I’m sure everyone is different when it comes to how to release stress.  But some things, like yoga, baths, baking, um…getting jiggy with it, shall we say?  These are universal stress-relief sources, wouldn’t you say?  Menu planning and grocery shopping are stress relief for me, whereas I realize they might be stress-inducing for other people.   Doing housework is sort of a double-edged sword for me, because thinking about it stresses me out, but actually doing it makes me feel good.  Giving myself a manicure?  Wearing a face mask?  Watching mindless TV?  Reading a book?  Yes, add them all to the list.

I decided to take the day off today to help ease my stress a bit.  My husband is actually going into work today (he’s feeling mostly better, but still has a bit of mending to do) so I will have the house to myself.  It’s supposed to rain today.  I think curling up with a blanket, watching Netflix movies and reading and cooking and eating will be on my agenda.  Tempting though it may be, I am *not* going to do housework today.  I have a nice long weekend ahead of me and can solicit my husband’s help now that he’s getting better.  Today is all about pampering myself.  I think I will paint my nails.  I just have to avoid retail therapy, which feels so so good at the time but only causes stress later when the credit card bill comes.

What do you do to ease your stress?  Please share, my list is rather short.

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