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D. I. Why?

May 23, 2011

Have you ever done a project around your house, a home-improvement quest to make things better, cleaner, shinier, and new? Have you ever gotten to the limit of your experience and expertise and, sensing that things were *pretty much* right, at the very least functional, proclaimed: “good enough”?


Well then, let me just tell you what happens when you sell your bootlegged piece of crap to an unsuspecting young couple who doesn’t know the difference. A smell might waft from the bathtub drain (that you didn’t feel the need to install a trap on), or perhaps the drain on the bathroom sink will leak (because you didn’t take the time to google how to install a pedestal sink correctly), or maybe, just maybe, the plumber that is finally called out to fix said problems will notice that you installed the junction connecting the kitchen sink to everything else UPSIDE FREAKING DOWN (because you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground).

I was about to embark on a nice little series of posts about the light renovation of our laundry room. And I’m sure I will write them for the work that we still end up doing. But now most of the money that was set aside for our laundry room is being siphoned into a little impromptu bathroom reno.

Not being able to stomach Home Depot’s styles nor Restoration Hardware’s prices, we purchased a cabinet sink and some wall storage at Ikea and will be having several plumbing repairs completed in the next couple of weeks. The bathroom was on our list of things we wanted to take care of, but it just wasn’t that HIGH on our list. So while I’m not completely sick over *that*, I’m a little miffed.

I’m sure it will be fine and nice to have some things working correctly around the house. And I’ll be sure to follow up with the before and after shots of everything so you can follow along at home. I just hate spending gads of money on things that A) we can’t even see, and B) should have been working in the first place. You know?

It wasn’t the most pleasant surprise to kick off our weekend… but we *did* get a much more pleasant surprise not too long after… 🙂 more on that story a bit later in the week.

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