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Is it July?

June 23, 2011

It’s almost July. This makes me happy for a few reasons. One: July = second trimester for me. And an increase in my energy level could not come soon enough. Two: July = (hopefully)actual summer in LA. June weather where we live – and pretty much all coastal areas of Southern California – is gloomy foggy cold icky crap. Some people claim to love it (*ahem* Laura) but I do not. And Three: July means that June is over means that Laura will come back from Vacation!!!

Do you remember the long days of summer vacation as a kid? (BTW I am totally pining for those days as I work through first trimester fog-brain). It was like this whole new world of not knowing or caring what day it was. There was always a particular buddy I’d hang out with each summer. We’d go from one of our houses to the other sometimes not wearing anything but a bathing suit and pajamas for days at a time. But then, just when the endless summer days of pools and ice cream trucks and sleep-overs got really good, the friend would inevitably go on vacation. And there I’d be, eating big sticks in the front yard with the neighborhood kids who were alright, but just not the same as that one summertime buddy?

That’s totally how I feel right now.

It’s only the first day and I’m already counting the days till Laura gets back. Pathetic? Probably. I don’t care. You might have read in our “about” section that this blog kind of progressed out of our emailing multiple times a day for YEARS. So I suppose it’s only natural that I feel a bit lost and forlorn as my inbox sits empty.


I’ll try to keep you entertained so you don’t miss her as much as I do. But I know it just won’t be the same. She better be having the time of her life out there! That’d make it all worth it.

Is it July yet?

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