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Just another “quiet” weekend at home…

June 29, 2011

Last weekend was a big one for us. That’s why it’s taken me till Wednesday to get around to talking about it.

(and a bit of a confession? I snuck a teeeeeny bit of coffee this morning. this exhaustion crap is for the birds.)

Friday was Gus’ first haircut. To my credit I did not cry as my big boy sat serenely in the pink chair with a wary look on his face. In fact, neither of us did! I was so proud of his not freaking out, I can’t even tell you.

(however, the same cannot be said for the little girl who wanted the pink chair he was in and threw a world-class *fit* at being fobbed off with the blue one…)

To be honest, the haircut didn’t alter his appearance as much as I’d thought it might. He didn’t have a whole lot of hair to begin with. But it did give him this subtle air of being a kid. Not a baby.

(but we all know he’ll always be MY baby.)

Afterwards we went swimming at the Y. Always a blast. It was geriatric time in the training pool but the lifeguards let us in anyway. He told everyone who would listen (bless his heart, even the stroke victim in the floaty-raft) about his Nemo “surf” board (it’s a kickboard). Most were charmed. Some were not. I don’t think he noticed.

Then nap time and a late afternoon trip to see the doctor. His two-year-old well child (no more well baby!) exam showed that he’s healthy and happy and verbally advanced (though we knew this) and still holding steady at about the 25th percentile across the board for growth. No big deal there, Masa and I were both petite as children, and we’re not bothered as long as he stays on track.

He did dazzle the doctor and nurse with his outgoing personality and quirky vocabulary. Example, he was playing with his shoe, pulled out the liner and held it up for his pediatrician, triumphantly exclaiming, “I pull out the insole!”

I can’t believe we don’t have another well visit till he’s THREE. Three. Hold me.

On Saturday we took him to his first Dodger Game. Ok it wasn’t his first. That was back when he was four months old and cried every time a cheer went up. Luckily (?) this time there was absolutely nothing to cheer about so there was no chance of a repeat freak-out. But he did have a blast playing with his friend, who will be three in August. They’re a riot together, it was worth it just to see them playing together, hopped up on cotton candy (another first!). – note there was an EPIC meltdown all. the. way. home. which made me vow that this would be the *last* we’ll see of cotton candy for quite some time.

We tried to keep Sunday quiet. A morning at the beach, some errands, some chores. We had a visit from a friend and lots of playing baseball in the backyard.

But then Gus got stung by a bee on his foot. (first one.) Poor little bunny. He screamed and screamed but after a few minutes, handled it like a champ. He spent the rest of the evening with his foot, covered in baking soda, propped on a cushion while he lounged on the couch watching “ducky” his favorite show (actually called WordWorld.) At least we know he’s not allergic. Sucky way to find out though.

All this occurred against the background of the super ghetto carnival that goes on every June at the church by our house. Think no street parking, food vendors on the corner, trash everywhere, and lots of tween girls SCREEECHING like banshees on the tilt-o-whirl day and night.

I *love* the carnival.

Also? Masa took Gus and they won a fish. Gus wanted to name it “Missy Lou” after a dog that he met once MONTHS ago and still adores. But we altered it slightly. The little swimmer is now forevermore dubbed “Fishy Lou”.  🙂

We have a long, hot weekend coming up and hopefully it will be just as “quiet”. (Minus the fair. ugh.)

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