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One More for the List of Things I Never Thought I’d Say

July 7, 2011

Gus has a rash on his “diaper area” <– a more pc term I have never heard. But it works for this because that’s pretty much where it is. Only now it’s spreading to his abdomen. It doesn’t seem to bother him too much, but it looks just awful. The Dr. says it’s folliculitis and has prescribed a few low-tech remedies to try out to see if we can beat it back. Among these is lots of nakey-time.

Tonight we were giving Gus’ privates a bit of a diaper break before bath time. We were all in the kitchen, he was investigating a hand-held radio when I saw the look come over his face.

If you have a child, you know their *look* just before they make you a present in their nappy.

Or, you know, on the kitchen floor.

I gasped: “Gus! do you have to go poo poo!?!” and he looked at me, totally startled like I was some sort of mind reader and mutely held his little arms out to me to pick him up.  I whisked him off to the bathroom and sat him down on the little potty seat Masa installed that nests into the toilet lid. Quite handy, as it turns out.

He sat there for a while, examining his handheld radio some more. And I, crosslegged on the floor before him, started to question my mommy-eye that saw his “look”.  But then it happened.


I tried not to make a big deal out of it before/during the whole process lest I scare him off of it, but inside I was way more excited than poop should ever make a person. I’m not ashamed to admit (ok maybe I’m a little ashamed to admit) that I nearly teared up. Afterwards both Masa and I showered him with praise and affection. I’ll have to think of a good treat/reward/bribe (on the advice of our pediatrician!) to offer for a repeat performance.

I’m not getting my hopes up or anything. I know that this is the first step in  a LOOOONG road. And honestly this is the first shred of a sign of readiness we’ve seen. But it made my mama heart proud to see my little boy sitting up on his porcelain throne dropping a deuce like the best of them. It was so cute.

And yes, I know I just said watching someone poop was cute. This is what motherhood has made me. I embrace it.


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