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I like the way you move

July 18, 2011

Today we got to see the most amazing thing. Our little chickpea was moving. I knew (or at least hoped) it was only a matter of time before we would witness it. Jen had said it looks like a dancing gummy bear. I wanted to witness it so badly, but presumably the chickpea must have been sleeping during our last couple of ultrasounds.

Today, though? The chickpea woke up. There was no movement at first, just a remarkably developed little being and a nice strong heartbeat. And then, then the dance began. It was more serene than I had expected, like an underwater ballet. Or more like an underwater macarena. It was the most mind-blowing, adorable thing I had ever seen.

Today we are ten weeks along, and I think the chickpea must have known that all the books say that ten weeks is when the baby can start moving his or her arm joints, because we got a full demonstration of that ability. We were shown one hand, then the other, and a little dance of bending arm joints ensued.

I can’t even put it into words. I was so proud of our little munchkin. I wished I could hug him or her and say thank you for the beautiful performance.

Yes, I am on bedrest for at least another week thanks to the scary sized clot that remains behind my placenta. And yes, I am scared to death now that my RE has graduated me and I am going back to my OB next week. And of course I am scared about the clot. But today I got to see my baby move. And that outshines everything else.

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