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July 29, 2011

I was going to title this post “The Holy Grail of Pregnancy” but then I guess even I have to concede that particular award goes to: (say it with me now) A Healthy Baby. And it’s true. I’d do anything, go through anything, endure ANYTHING to keep my baby healthy and that doesn’t end when s/he gets pushed out into a doctor’s waiting hands.

But I think anyone who has been through this particular gauntlet would have to agree that the second trimester is right up there as a close second for Grail status.

And Hallelujah I have arrived.

It was about half way through last weekend when I realized it. Like suddenly noticing that an incessant car alarm or tree trimmer that you’ve sort of but not really gotten used to in the background has finally become quiet. The nausea was gone. The brain-fuzz seemed to have abated a little. I looked around and realized that, oh my gaahd… I’ve cleaned! the HOUSE! I didn’t want to jinx anything so I kept it on the down-low for a bit. But a week later I’m ready to say it.

I. Feel. Better.

Not perfect. Not even exactly like my pre-pregnancy self. But so much better than I was even two weeks ago that I just close my eyes and thank heavens at the relief.

As far as the nuts and bolts go, I’m 14 weeks today and everything seems like it’s going along just fine so far. I haven’t gained any weight since a month ago and I think those first few pounds were mostly from not running anymore (more on that coming soon). My NT scan was the week before last and came back with really good numbers. Baby looked great and was growing proportionally (according to what the doc said was the femur, radius, and … some other bone but I couldn’t even tell that he was measuring a human so don’t ask me.) We brought home a DVD of the ultrasound and showed it to Gus and he kept asking “where’d baby go?!” and we had to explain that the blob on the screen WAS the baby. Then he wanted to watch Ms. Jillian (oh yeah, have I mentioned my two-year-old’s obsession with the 30-day Shred video? no? another time, perhaps). In the meantime here’s a little cute to brighten your day.

Super Gus at the Park


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