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Hallmarks of a New Era

August 1, 2011

Time was – and not too long ago – that we were storing and/or giving away bags upon bags of baby boy clothes in pristine condition. Thanks to oxy soaks, there weren’t even many telltale mustard stains up the backs of the onesies.  Gus was growing so fast and, well, he didn’t do a whole lot, and the useful life of his clothes far outlasted my ability to squeeze them over his noggin or stretch those crotch-snaps closed.

But like everything around here these days, this too has changed. As I was taking advantage of the sunny, breezy afternoon to hang some laundry to dry, I came face to face with a new era of this little boys’ clothes.

Clothes that actually wear out before he grows out of them. I don’t know why it should amaze me so much. Frayed hems and torn knees and shoes that actually start to lose their tread… they are all symbols of my active, fun-loving kid. The number one piece of evidence of which is right in front of me most of the time, begging to go outside and “play baseball!” for the millionth time. And the way this kid likes to “syide” into home, it’s no wonder both the fabric and skin on his knees needs mending…

But for some reason that particular torn hem gave me pause. Made me sigh. The times they are a-changin’.

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