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The Time I Cried About a Tween Show

August 29, 2011

The other day I was cleaning in the house when I heard my son crying as if his heart were breaking. I heard my husband’s voice consoling him, explaining, I could have sworn, about live TV vs. DVD and airwaves. It was too much curiosity. I had to see what was up.

Masa explained to me that while he was getting a dvd set up to play, Gus had, for a few minutes, watched live TV. On this live TV, there was “That’s so Raven” and on Ms. Symone’s illustrious show, there was skateboarding. My son is OBSESSED with all board sports, but there’s a special place these days for skateboards. He asks me for one for Christmas on a daily basis. So when the show ended and the dvd went on, shit was lost.

I held my boy close, and explained that, in life, sometimes things end before you’re ready for them to. And it’s ok if it makes you sad, because it makes mommy sad too.

And suddenly, there were tears streaming down both of our faces. Masa side eyed me, “you know you’re talking about That’s so Raven, right?”

But of course, I wasn’t. Because as I held my boy and he lamented the too-soon departure of some dippy tween show from the airwaves, I knew that all too quickly these days will end too. When his little face is buried in my shoulder and I am the greatest comfort he can imagine.

And when it ends, whenever that may be, it’ll be far too soon.

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