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Anatomy of our Chickpea

September 27, 2011

the chickpea nestled in his cozy home

This morning we had our anatomy scan.  I didn’t realize I was nervous about it until last night, when I was feeling incredibly hormonal, emotional and overly sensitive.  I cried over silly things and felt depressed.  When my husband asked repeatedly what was really wrong (he still doesn’t seem to appreciate the hormonal aspect of my crazy emotions, which I suppose is good, because I’d just get pissed if he said “Ah it’s just hormones”), that’s when it hit me that I was actually anxious about what we would find out today.

We had our 17 week ultrasound a mere three weeks ago, and everything looked great then, so I’m not sure what I thought would happen.  But I keep making the mistake of reading very sad stories online of other people learning awful things during their pregnancy, particularly at their anatomy scan.  So I wasn’t sure what we might learn.

Well, what we learned is that our son is developing beautifully.  All his organs look good, his spine, his mouth, his hands and feet, and everything in between.  He is about average size, slightly above average, for this stage in the pregnancy.   This is all excellent news.

My husband insists that our baby looks like me already, mostly the shape of his jaw and forehead.  And I have to admit that when I look at pictures like the one above, I see it too.  I’m sure he’ll come out looking like his daddy, too, but I’m excited to see a bit of myself in him too.  Here’s hoping he gets the best of both of us, in every sense.

We’ll get to see our boy yet again next Monday, at my OB’s office.  Until then, I am going to dream of that sweet face, and those adorable little feet.

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