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More than Half-Baked

October 13, 2011

Things have been rather quiet around here, I know.  This is what happens when both of the co-bloggers are in their mid to late second trimester of pregnancy.  Life sort of gets in the way, and blogging takes a bit of a backseat.  Sorry about that.

I am now 22 weeks and 3 days pregnant, which means I hit the halfway mark over two weeks ago.  I am feeling my little boy kicking, somersaulting, and punching me on a semi-regular basis at this point, and it always makes me smile.  I have also hit the phase of the pregnancy where I want to eat everything, all the time, constantly.  Oh sure, I feel full after a meal, but about an hour later (sometimes less!) I am ready to eat more.  I’d like to say I am good at keeping my choices healthy and nutritious but I definitely falter on this one.

We’ve bought a few major baby gear items, and our registries are mostly complete.  We are having a lot of trouble deciding on a name for our little guy, which is driving me a little bit crazy.  I know we still have time, but I never imagined it would be so hard!  We are keeping our shortlist (though it is not very short) under wraps, because we don’t really want any unsolicited opinions on our favorite names.  Which makes it even harder!

Apart from the occasional dizzy spell, tiredness, sore boobs and nips, and some funky bodily fluid issues I am feeling really great.   My bump is pretty massive at this point, and people are always shocked when I tell them I am “only” five months along.  I’m attempting to fight the good fight against stretch marks – I already have a few on the knockers but so far (knock on wood) none on my belly.   My husband has *finally* started reading the Expectant Father, a book I bought him back when we first started trying to conceive.

We also have some home improvement nightmares going on, which need to be attended to before we can get the nursery started, and they are driving me a bit berserk.  But otherwise, life is good.  Really really good.  Our boy measures ahead of schedule quite consistently, and I am convinced he’s going to be a big baby.  And that’s when I take deep breaths and try to remember to do my kegels.

Coming soon: where we stand on our baby gear accumulation!

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