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October 27, 2011

So we’ve covered that I’ve been absent for a while here on a little barefoot. So let me tell you about one thing that I did whilst *not* writing.

I went on a babymoon. Weeeeee!

Diamondhead from Hotel Balcony

Only hitch was that it wasn’t exactly with my husband. I went with a girlfriend from college (actually someone who once shared an apartment with myself and our own beloved Laura!) We took a long weekend to Hawaii and it was wonderful.

We stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki which was amazing. There were poolside (virgin) cocktails and decadent desserts and lots and lots of sitting in the sun (or shade) doing nothing but gazing out over the beautiful blue waters and enjoying the kid-free zone of their gorgeous infinity edge pool.

Me in the Infinity Pool

I would love to go back there one day with my boys because while the adult area was perfectly executed, so was the more family friendly portions of their grounds. They had a water slide and a fountain for kids to play in and a large beautiful family friendly pool area. PERFECT. They get an A++ from this mom-who-travels.

Family Friendly Pool

We even hiked up to the top of Diamondhead! I hauled my pregnant butt up there just as well as people who were only walking for one. I was quite proud!

Me at the top of Diamondhead!

Overall the trip was well worth the cost, both monetary and in missing my men both large and small. And I have been paying dearly for it in toddler neediness since I’ve been hom, but that’s ok too because I truly don’t mind the extra snuggles, even if they mean sleep lost. Well ok sometimes the sleep lost does bother me… 😉 Did I miss Masa the whole time? Omigoodnessyess. I wanted him there with me so much that it hurt my heart. It made me miss the days when it was just us, when we would travel together and eat and joke and sleep in late. And it made me so incredibly glad that we made a point to *get* those days together. But I still managed to have a wonderful time… it was terribly hard.. hahah. ok no it wasn’t that hard at all. I mean come on. It was Hawaii.

Infinity Pool and the Ocean

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