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The Pain and the Gain

November 1, 2011

I have so much to write about, and so little energy with which to write.   I’ll do my best.

First, the pain.  For the past several weeks I have been having increasingly unpleasant hip pain.  It’s mostly in my right hip, but occasionally my left hip joins in just for fun.  I was starting to suspect sciatica when I found that the pain sometimes shot from my hip down through my thigh.  Jen encouraged me to see a physical therapist, as she dealt with this same problem in her first pregnancy.  So after a few too many days of wincing with every step, I decided to behave and do as she suggested.

I asked for a referral to a physical therapist, and my OB’s nurse recommended one that specializes in pregnancy.   I had my first session last week, and another one last night.  I have to say I really like it.  It’s the perfect combination of exercise and pampering, with a bit of pain in the middle.  Sounds strange but it’s very satisfying.  I can’t say I’m cured, and I’m not sure if I ever will be until this baby makes his debut.  But I’m planning to keep it up for a while.

In other news, I hit the 25 week mark on Monday, and it was time for the dreaded glucose tolerance test.  Ironically, I got to do it on Halloween.  Lucky me.  I drank the nasty orange drink and drove to my doctor’s office.  I had my blood drawn, saw the doctor briefly, heard my baby’s happily pounding heartbeat, and went to work.  They told me I’d get the results today, but I never got the call.  Gulp.  I don’t know why, but I am particularly terrified of failing this test.  Not so much because it might mean I have GD, but because it means I’d have to fast for upwards of fifteen hours and drink an even more concentrated version of the orange nastiness.  Clearly I  have my priorities in order.

With my GTT approaching, last week I decided to lay off the sweets a little bit just as a precaution.  I had basically given myself a free license to eat anything and everything I want, since I lost weight during the first trimester.  I mean I wasn’t a total slob, I still tried to get plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables.  But if I felt like a pastry or some candy, I didn’t hesitate.  Sweet decaf coffee drinks?  Bring ’em on.  But last week’s fear of the impending GTT made me start thinking about my weight a bit more, too.

And that’s when I realized that I had gained 21 pounds during my second trimester so far.  Gulp.  (I lost 5 during first trimester, but still.  21 pounds in 12 weeks is a lot).   I asked my doctor about it yesterday and he agreed that my weight gain has been more rapid than it should be.  He suggested cutting back on carbs, and focusing on my lean protein, veggie, fruit, and calcium intake.  I was a little ashamed, since I generally consider myself a health-conscious person.  But clearly I need to change my habits a little bit.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to crash diet or do anything stupid.  I’m still going to eat when I’m hungry (which is basically all the time), but I am going to try to be more sensible.  I won’t deprive myself, I just won’t gorge myself quite the way I have been.

And it seems to be paying off already – from week 24 day 1 to week 25 day 1, my weight remained the same.  That is the first time that has happened throughout my entire second trimester.

So there you have it – the basic updates.  Oh but how could I forget the best part of all?  As my little chickpea has gotten stronger and started making his presence known more and more, he’s now started kicking and punching hard enough to make my belly MOVE.  I actually look down and see my stomach lurch with his movements!  It’s craziness.  I love it.

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