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Baby Gear Update

November 18, 2011

A little while ago, I wrote about the struggles to determine what baby gear was right for us.  It’s a long process, involving lots of research, window shopping, hair-tearing and sweating.   Sure, part of it is fun, in a sadistic sort of way.  But with so many differing opinions as to what you really need versus what is just extra, and which brands are most reliable, and then of course the whole personal preference aspect, it is next to impossible to make final decisions.

Our baby’s life is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge, apparently.  The things we have actually gotten so far (or that are on their way to us shortly) are these:

Graco Lauren Convertible Crib in Walnut

This crib is currently sitting unassembled in a closet, until we can get our s**t together and start on the nursery.  We also got an organic mattress to go with it.  That is still in the box.

Chicco Keyfit in Hazelwood

This carseat is currently in our garage.  We originally were going to go with the Keyfit 30 in Fuego (the reddish color), but we decided to opt for the smaller carseat.  Everyone assures us that our baby will outgrow it in length before he outgrows it in weight, so there is no point in getting a bigger, heavier carseat to lug around while he is an infant.  This carseat is the top rated carseat on Consumer Reports, and comes highly recommended elsewhere, so it was an easy choice.

Babytrend Snap 'n Go

We debated over whether to do a travel system, and the resounding recommendation from other parents was not to do it.  I think about two people thought it would have been a good idea, but everyone else told us they are bulky and annoying, and we’d be happier with a snap ‘n go.  Snap ‘n go’s are cheap, so we went ahead and bought ourselves one and stuck it in a closet.  When it came it was super easy to assemble and it folds up really simply.  It just doesn’t feel super strong and sturdy, which I guess is what one would expect.  In the end we decided this will be what we take with us in the car when we are going somewhere, but we still wanted a “real” stroller for going for long walks from home, or if we are planning on taking baby on some more rugged terrain.

Baby Jogger City Mini 2011 in Stone/Black

So we chose this one.  I read so many great things about it.  It’s a jogger, but it’s also an umbrella stroller.  It is lightweight yet sturdy, and is useable up to 50 pounds.  So I basically fell in love with it.  We don’t actually have this in our hot little hands yet, but it has been purchased off our registry and I cannot WAIT.  I have read mixed things as to whether you can actually use it from newborn age, but I am pretty sure the answer is yes, there just might have to be an adapter involved.  If it turns out we can’t use this until he is 6 months old, I am okay with using the snap ‘n go in the meantime.

There are many other items we have decided on and put on our registry.  The pack ‘n play that I posted about in my earlier baby gear post (linked above) is still on our registry, and if no one buys it for us we’ll get it ourselves.  We also registered for the matching high chair (which someone purchased already! Yes I am a registry stalker, and I am not ashamed).

Other things I definitely want are baby carriers – I am a fan of the Ergo, which came highly recommended, but in the end I registered for the Beco, which is also well-loved in the baby gear community.  And after a lot of shopping around, I settled on a JJ Cole diaper bag.  (Those two things might not count as “gear” per se, but they are pretty darn important if you ask me).

Anyway that’s where we currently stand.  There are other items on our registry, of course, and lots of things we still need to figure out – changing table / dresser combo, or just put a changing pad on top of a regular dresser?  We have an old rocking chair that is loaded with sentimental value, but I am sorely tempted to get a cushy glider instead.  One way or another, our baby will be pretty well equipped.  I am sure we’ll think of a thousand other things we need to get after he is here.

I am now 27 weeks 4 days pregnant, and our baby still has no name….but we’ll get to that eventually. We clearly have our priorities in order.

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  1. November 18, 2011 10:16 am

    I am totally with you on how daunting it is to get the baby stuff in gear! I had so much fun compiling our wedding registry, mostly because you can generally just register for a bunch of stuff you want but have never bought for yourself. With a first baby, though, you have to plot it out methodically and make sure you get everything you actually need, without knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt whether the things you’re choosing are actually necessary.

    • Laura permalink
      November 18, 2011 10:26 am

      exactly! the wedding registry was a cinch. this one requires so much thought it makes my brain hurt.

  2. November 30, 2011 5:13 pm

    This is a very nice lightweight stroller and easy to open and close down. Very light and easy to push, even with a car seat and chubby baby inside. Folds up as small as an umbrella stroller. One drawback is that it does not have a cup holder like the Baby Trend Snap and Go does. It does, however, feel more lightweight and the handle bars are nice and tall for taller people. But, the lack of a cup holder makes folding up tighter and smaller. The basket underneath is roomy but once the baby carrier is locked in, getting to the basket to get to your stuff isn’t so great. I use a diaper bag that has the stroller straps which I think everyone needs to have this advantage! So with the diaper bag hooked on the front, the basket underneath can be used for other things like lunches or something you won’t need to get to alot.

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