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December 4, 2011

Yesterday was seriously one of the best days of my life.  I don’t have pictures to share with you yet, but I’ll let you use your imagination a bit.

I am tired and didn’t sleep in nearly enough this morning, and yesterday was a beautiful and emotional day, so you can’t expect me to be entirely coherent in describing it.  Let’s just say that my wonderful friend Jen threw me an incredible baby shower, a lot of people came, and the whole thing really brought it home to me yet again just how incredibly lucky and blessed I am.

Above all, of course, I feel lucky to be pregnant.  It was not an easy road getting here, but it was easier than it is for some people I know, and the important thing is that we made it.  I’m into my third trimester and feeling mostly good.  The aches, pains, and exhaustion are all perfectly fine with me.  My sister commented while she was staying with us this weekend that I don’t complain as much about pregnancy as most pregnant women she’s known, and I took that as a pretty huge compliment.  I said it must just be because I’m so grateful to be pregnant at all.

I feel lucky to have the incredible family and friends that I have.  Seeing an assortment of women from various stages of my life yesterday, some who have known me since I was born (or even before), and others that I have only met in the past few years, and everything in between.  They were there because they are excited about this baby, almost as excited as I am (in the case of my mother, probably just as excited as I am!) and wanted to celebrate with me.  They showered me with incredibly thoughtful and generous gifts, many of which were handmade and absolutely took my breath away.  I’m not ashamed to say I cried.  A couple of times.  My niece made me the sweetest card, telling me what a great mom I’m going to be and how much she loved me, and after that I was pretty much a blubbering mess.  A girlfriend I have only known for a few years brought me sacks full of her son’s old baby clothes and I spent the evening looking through them and imagining our little boy wearing them all.

Everyone’s generosity and love seriously overwhelmed me.  Our living room is filled with baby things that we have no home for yet, but that foreshadow in the best possible way all the incredible memories that will be built in that very same room with our little boy, wearing those clothes, cuddling in those blankets, eating in that high chair, playing with those toys, sleeping and snuggling against my chest in that Moby wrap.  There is no word to better encapsulate it than to say that I am, again, overwhelmed.  And grateful.  And so incredibly blessed.

And the greatest gift of all was the shower itself, arranged beautifully by Jen, and I am still baffled at where she found the energy and the brain power to do something like that when she is even farther into pregnancy than I am right now, and my brain is feeling like Swiss cheese these days.  I love you so much, Jen, and I seriously feel like I wouldn’t be where I am right now without your support.  The amazing party you threw for me yesterday felt like the best possible way to kick off parenthood for me.

And now I am a snotty and tear-bedraggled mess, so I am going to post this now and go eat some breakfast. xo

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