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Yard Therapy

February 9, 2012

Here’s the thing about being a mother of a newborn: your life, literally, revolves around said newborn. It’s all you can do (they nurse. a LOT and poop even more), all you think about (when was the last feeding? does he need a diaper change? omigod how is he changing already!?!?!). It’s all anyone wants to talk about (how are you feeling? how are you sleeping? how was labor?) and sometimes that includes you (I’m ok. we’re sleeping some – it’s day-to-day. painful, but blessedly short).

And I’m not complaining about that. Not in the least. Having a new baby is HUGE. It’s all-consuming. That’s how it is, and how it should be.

But sometimes, a girl needs to do something else. Sometimes, when given the blessing of a crib nap (!) a new mother needs to NOT sleep when the baby sleeps, or fold tiny clothes or even finish up that birth story that takes longer to read (let alone write) than the entire labor and delivery – but I promise it’s coming!

So today? I weed-whacked. (and no. that is not some kind of euphemism). I actually honest to goodness took an actual power tool and went to town on the ridiculous amount of weeds that were taking over our yards. Now, I only got through whacking and sweeping up one bit of one side of the back yard before my poor defenseless and weakened core muscles cried out for me to stop… but it was ridiculously satisfying all the same.

(oh? and I also re-potted some plants people had given us.)

Jude the Dude: Cuter than a picture of my weed whacker.

What do you do when you need a change of pace? When something is making you so single-minded that, even if it’s the most wonderful thing, you might just go batty?

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