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No More Excuses!

May 10, 2012

ugh. I feel like I see a post like this on almost every blog I read at one point or another. But here I am. I’m gonna do it anyway.

I was doing so well! I really was. I was exercising every day. I was eating healthfully. I was keeping our house in some semblance of order. I was rocking the stay-at-home-mom thing.

Then the excuses started rolling in. First one… then more… and now I find that “I’ll start tomorrow because…” has become a sort of mantra for me.

What happened?

So a couple of weeks ago (um, I mean a month?! crap where does the time go!?!) I had two pretty horrible migraines one after the other. I’ve been prone to these suckers since my junior high days but never more than one every few months at the very most. But back in April I had two in a row and they were doozies. I visited the doctor and was given a whole list of things I should not eat and a prescription for some medicine that would make it stop, if I were to get another. For the next few weeks I felt pretty crummy. I didn’t have another migraine, but I always felt on the edge of one. Let me tell you the fear of developing something so debilitating whilst trying to care for an infant is enough to make my heart race. I let myself take it easy.

Around the same time I noticed a streak of blood in Jude’s diaper. Luckily(?) I had experienced this with Gus and knew that I was most likely dealing with a milk protein allergy. As such, cutting out all dairy from my diet came next.

So there I was, feeling pretty icky, no dairy of any kind and a whole list of other foods (normal stuff like bananas, avocados, citrus, and bread…) that I should try to avoid when possible on account of the migraines.

Oh there were more excuses but those were the biggies, and suddenly I found myself watching too much TV. My house is dirtier. The laundry wrinklier (if it makes it to the washing machine). And running? ha. Once a week if I was lucky.

But all that ends here.

New Goals that start YESTERDAY.

1. 4L of water every day.
2. Conscious effort to eat at LEAST 5 servings of vegetables each day.
3.  At least 30 minutes of cardio (walking counts) every day.
4. At least SOME amount of strength workout on at least 4 days each week.
5. Make and stick to my to do list each day (and yes, writing this post was on my list for the day… CHECK!)
6. TV watching *only* if I’m working out at the same time (or if it’s a sporting event – it’s the NBA play offs and we are following.)
7. Sign up for a local 5k on May 20th to see where my time is right now and better assess my base.
8. Sign up for a local half marathon in October with a friend. Train accordingly.
9. Devise some way of having a date night with Masa. I feel like we haven’t had a conversation (that wasn’t punctuated by someone screaming WHATAREYOUTALKINGABOUT!?!ESSCUSEMEEEEEITSMYTURNTOTALK!!! every five seconds) in ages.
10. And last but certainly not least – spend every moment that I get with my boys soaking in how amazing it is to be their mother. (Because really. I mean, if you have a kid, did you ever in a million years believe it would be *this* amazing? It’s like my best hopes for life to the infinite power, these kids. I just love them more than words.)

There are other things I’d like to accomplish too, like a baby book and showering each day and things like that. but let’s start here. If you don’t hear from me, you’ll know I’m working hard at doing all the things.

oh pictures? sure.

This first one was taken *right* before Gus (who was on his first underwear outing) had a leeeetle bit of an accident. Yes, he was still on Masa’s shoulders. Ah, parenthood. 🙂

The fam on a walk around the marsh.

JuJuBe says hello.

My Big Boy – almost three! Ack!

So anyone else have any goals they want to share to give me some moral support? anyone?


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