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Jude Sleeps: An Update.

August 18, 2012

A bit of an update on Jude’s sleep situation. I got myself a bit more together about it all and sent the older of the males out to our detached room for a few nights while I settled in with the youngest and some quality sleep-training time.

Jude really blew me away. I was expecting horrific scenes of mayhem and sobs wrenching heartily from both of us. What I got was a kid who complained for about 15 minutes the first time with enough breaks of silence for me to have only checked in on him once. He fell asleep and only woke again at around 4:30am. I fed him then, not because of any certain plan but because my addled sleep brain told me I should. He slept again till 7 or so.

The next night he complained only for about five minutes, with no real crying, before dropping off to dreamland. I was astounded. He woke at about 3am but I only know because I was awake anyway and checked the monitor. He didn’t make a peep as far as I know. I found him cooing in his crib about 7:15. Glorious.

In a perfect world, I’d have given him another week with this routine before jumping the next hurdle. As you know, ours is not a perfect world, and the guys were getting a little tired of the “camp-outs” in the “hut” <– our name for the detached finished garage on our property. So an accelerated schedule it was.

The first night with both boys together was rough. I think we lasted till maybe 2 before dad was in bed with Gus and Jude was in with me. The next night was better and things seemed to be heading in the right direction.

Then Jude got sick. Wednesday of this week the poor guy spiked a fever and felt pretty awful. A few days of sleeping on mommy and a few nights of sleeping with mommy and he’s pretty much back to his usual happy self, thank goodness. (BTW it remains to be seen whether or not he passed  his illness – the infamous hand foot and mouth disease – on to Laura’s little E. Please keep your fingers crossed that E stays healthy!!)

Last night was the first night that was pretty smooth since his illness abated. I mean, by “smooth” I’m not saying no one woke up or complained or that Masa didn’t end up in Gus’ bed for most of the night… but these days we take what we can get and call it good. 🙂

and now for pictures:


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