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Baby Gourmet

November 2, 2012

My son is a gourmet in the making, or so I like to think.  I make about 80% of Ethan’s food from scratch.  (Not counting the breastmilk, which, amazingly, I make 100% from scratch.)  Go me, right?  And I didn’t even invest in one of those baby food machines, though I was sorely tempted.  Armed with a steamer insert and a food processor, my child has gradually been introduced to numerous fruits and veggies, as well as home made veggie stock and grains.  (Meat purees and yogurt I have left to the professionals).

The basic formula to make any home made baby food is this: steam (or roast) and puree.  It’s simple.  Sometimes you need to add a little liquid, whether some of the water from when you steamed, or some breast milk, to get the right consistency.  But if you want to have a little more fun with what you’re making for your baby than simply steaming and pureeing, I highly recommend these books.

First off, the Williams-Sonoma Baby & Toddler cookbook.  This book was a total life saver for me.  Not only does it have numerous recipes for various stages, from super-smooth puree to regular “grown-up” meal, but it has instructions on when to introduce different things.  And I am happy to inform you that all their recommendations match what my pediatrician says, so it’s not like they’re talking out of their bums.  I have made Ethan almost all of the purees in here, and he is quite a fan.  We haven’t really moved onto the chunkier stuff yet because his gag reflex is a force to be reckoned with.  But we’ll get there.   The root vegetable stew is a particular favorite these days.  You can check the book out here.

Next up is Weelicious.  This book is just awesome.  It was originally a blog, which can be found here.  This is a cookbook your whole family will appreciate, including you and your significant other.  I have made recipes out of here that Ethan can’t even dream of eating any time soon, like the tortilla soup and slow cooker bbq chicken.  My husband and I loved them.  Someday E will love them, too.  In the meantime, the book also includes a handful of fabulous purees for baby.  E’s favorite so far is the roasted banana and pear puree.  Bonus:  It makes the house smell amazing!

It’s that easy, folks.  I always knew I wanted to make as much of Ethan’s food as possible.  I still buy the organic pouches and jars, and he probably has one of those every other day, or sometimes more frequently than that.  But I love making food for him.  I try to make a couple of batches every weekend and freeze them in these Beaba baby food freezer trays.  Simple ice cube trays could work, too.  The freezer is chock-full of freezer bags with little individually portioned purees.  I love it!  E does, too.  I thaw them in the fridge, and then often stir a little cereal and olive oil or coconut oil, or the occasional spice, into them.  Sometimes I’m even jealous of what he’s eating!

[Side note: No, this post is not sponsored by anyone or anything.  I am simply sharing the products and books that I have found particularly helpful.]

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