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Greater than the Sum of our Individual Ambitions

November 7, 2012

If you look back over the last week of posts around here, you’ll see how highly Laura and I both value the power entrusted into each of us through our rights to vote. And from that, you might be able to discern just how much we both believe in the nation we call home, and its potential for so many amazing things. I hope you all made time to exercise the right that others died to afford you, and that some in our world, still to this very day, give their lives to achieve. Campaigns are long and pervasive and they can be annoying, but if you stop to contemplate the enormity of a peaceful revolution in this volatile world, I think you will begin to see that petty annoyances pale in the shadow of what we set out to accomplish on a November Tuesday every four years.

Yesterday, America staged a peaceful revolution. We cast our votes, and determined the government we’ll live under for the next several years.

And Today? I’m sorry but I’ve just got to say it: Today is a good day. 

I could go on about how it doesn’t matter who you voted for because we all win when democracy is carried out. I do believe that is true, but I’ll also admit that it is a lot easier to say that when democracy is carried out in favor of the candidates and issues I value.

*** So if your candidates and issues lost yesterday, I give you a sympathetic head tilt and a shrug. We’ve all been there. It’s going to be ok. ***

Right now, though? I’m a happy camper.

There were major wins last night for women across the country. There were major wins for gay rights. I believe we are moving forward as a people and it’s a really exciting thing to be a part of. I always love my country, but today I’m also *proud* of my country.

When I cast my ballot in 2008, I was 9 weeks pregnant with Gus. I didn’t know if I had a little girl-fetus or a boy-fetus within my womb. I didn’t know what he would look like or how wonderful his hugs would feel. But I did know one thing. I knew that whomever my baby became, I would love him until my very last breath was drawn. No matter what. And I promised him that morning, after voting vehemently against California Proposition 8 (which most seem to know now was CA’s anti-gay-marriage amendment) that he would be allowed to love, and marry, whomever he deemed worthy. That I would see to that.

Ok I’ll admit I cheated a little seeing as my children are Canadian citizens and it’s already legal there… it’s symbolic, ok?

So last night as I watched the returns come in and saw the historic wins for gay rights in Maryland and Maine (and hopefully Washington) I felt like a little piece of my promise was kept.

It’s not done, and the fight isn’t over but today… Today feels like a good day.

I’m not trying to gloat. Like I said before, I believe the give and take is important to our process and to keeping us grounded as a democracy. It’s just always way more fun on Wednesday in the years when there was less give and more take on the side we happen to stand on, no?

So Happy Wednesday! Happy NEW Day!


ps.the title is a quote from Obama’s acceptance speech last night. you can find a transcript here. chills? yes.

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