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Net Zero

November 25, 2012

This four day weekend has been a win/loss net zero. There have been some awesome times and great successes but there has been some crazy epic failing going on too.

The little guy is Gus. Captain America next to him is my brother-in-law.

Thursday – Win. Thanksgiving was awesome. We participated in a Turkey Trot – as has been our annual tradition for the last several years. This time Gus participated in his very first 1k kids fun run!! He ran the whole time and was super proud crossing the finish line. I was probably looking like one of *those* moms as I encouraged him through the last few yards. Oh well.

Dinner was at my sisters’ place and was amazing, as usual. Lots of family around, lots of laughing and eating and game playing had by all. It was wonderful. I love Thanksgiving and if there’s one thing I’m thankful for it’s my family. I hit the family lottery big time.

All Thursday night, though, my stomach was upset and I berated myself for my Thanksgiving gluttony. I figured I’d simply eaten too much. However, as Friday morning dawned, I realized Masa was also struck with a stomach bug, so I knew it was something besides having stuffed myself silly.

Friday – Loss. We were SICK. Like, not able to walk upright, not able to form cohesive thoughts, not able to properly feed our children sick. Poor Gus subsisted on granola bars and dried apples until I was able to drag myself up and make him a PB&J for lunch. There was a mild panic about us as we discussed who was closer to actually barfing, so the other could go lie down. I know, it doesn’t make sense. But that’s where our minds were on Friday. By the end of the day, the nausea had passed but I was wracked with random chills and fever. Also, Gus seemed to have contracted the one-hour flu – he was fine all day, started complaining of a cough in the late afternoon, threw up an hour later and was bouncing off the walls again by bedtime. Weird.

Gus and I on the field before the UCLA v. Stanford game.

Saturday – Win. Well sort of. We managed to get the kids to their first UCLA football game. It was touch and go since we had all been sick, but we did it. There are all sorts of fun things to do around the Rose Bowl before the game, so we enjoyed the family friendly “tailgating”.  AND we got to go down on the field before the game to watch warm-ups. We lasted all of one quarter of the actual game before Jude was melting down, Gus was super antsy and the Bruins were losing hard. We left shortly after the half. We didn’t miss much.

Sunday – Loss. Today has been one of those days that I just can’t seem to do anything right or get anything actually *done*. It’s been a slog, this day.  But even as I type this, a small boy is hanging off me begging me to play blocks. I think I will save this draft and go do that. Maybe that will turn the day around.

–Update: the day didn’t exactly turn around, but I got to play blocks! 🙂 And now it’s late and I’m finally posting this. Here’s hoping the coming week proves to be a little more even-keel. Enough of all these extremes.

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