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Great Expectations

November 28, 2012

Remember how I posted about my need for a mommy makeover? I still haven’t really done anything about that.  I’ve started wearing jeans more often than yoga pants, but that’s about it.  Until now.

Today, my friends, I am getting a haircut.  Take a moment to breathe in the air of possibility.  I could go for something radically different.  Something that actually has a bit of style to it.  Something that requires me to do something more than run product through it with my fingers and let it air dry.


I suppose I should be daring, dangerous, exciting – I should do something different.  But the idea of needing more than about 30 seconds to style my hair is just too much.  So instead, I’m sure I’ll just do the same old thing.  Blah.  Boring.  I disappoint myself.

Still, there are a few hours until that fateful moment, and maybe I’ll get wild at the last minute.  I trust my hairdresser completely so I might just tell her to do something different that is relatively low maintenance and see what happens.  Thing is, when you have naturally curly hair and you aren’t willing to blow dry it every morning, there are only so many things you can do.

I’ve been looking forward to getting my hair cut for over a month now, and putting a lot of stock into what it will do for my self-confidence.  That’s a dangerous place to be, as a little voice in the back of my mind tells me it isn’t going to make a lick of difference.  But with my return to work around the corner, I’d like to try to look semi-decent for a change.  We’ll see.  My fate is in the capable hands of the woman who cuts my hair.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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