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Farewell to the Best Year Ever

December 31, 2012

I’m not trying to set myself up for disappointment in the next year.  I know every year new adventures await us, and 2013 may prove to be even more amazing than 2012.  Maybe.  Possibly.  But I have to say, I kind of doubt it.

2012 was, hands down, the most significant and incredible year of my life.  I finally got to meet this tiny person who made big deep grooves in my heart (in a good way) and entrenched himself there for all eternity.  This little man who started out as a squishy, chubby new baby.   He took over our home and our lives and everything that we held dear.  And I can’t imagine ever experiencing anything so wonderful again for the rest of my life.  I’ll let you know if I do, believe me.

Ethan, fresh out of the box

Ethan, fresh out of the box, with Daddy

I got to stay home from work almost the entire year, which was the greatest blessing ever.  I got to see my husband as a father.  I got to see myself as a mother.  It’s all been an unbelievable ride.

So now we enter into a new year, and our little baby will become a toddler.  He will get cuter every day, I’m sure.  He’ll continue to amaze us with how quickly he learns new skills and sounds and even words.  He will continue to be the greatest love of our lives.  And perhaps a year from now I’ll look back in disbelief at 2013 and say it was EVEN BETTER than 2012.  I’ll try to keep my mind open.  This year will be a tough one to top.

Happy new year!

Happy new year!


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