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Kitchn Cure Wrap-Up

October 15, 2013

Well I had hoped to have a wonderful “after” post about the Cure, telling you how amazing my kitchen was afterwards, but I basically wrote that a week or so ago.  The fact is, the kitchn cure ended up being a bit of a bust.

The first four days were amazing, and I really felt like my kitchen was cleaner, healthier, more user-friendly.  Every task after that pretty much blew.

Case in point:  Day 5, the assignment was to restock ingredients.  Since I already had a pretty well stocked pantry, I basically only bought two things.  Day 6, the assignment was to buy tools and appliances to replace the ones I threw away.  Well, the whole point for me was that I only got rid of things I never use, so I really didn’t feel the need to replace anything.  Also, since both my husband and I are currently sans paycheck, it didn’t seem prudent to go splurge on a fancy gadget.

Day 7, the assignment was to do a “special project” – and while there are many projects I would love to tackle in my kitchen some day, the whole no-paycheck thing made that nearly impossible.  I thought about coming up with something just so I could say I did something, and in the end I rearranged my pots and pans. Go me.

Day 8‘s assignment was to buy fresh flowers and bring them into the kitchen.  I actually laughed when I saw this one.  It’s a nice sentiment, but it was really starting to feel like the folks running this thing were just out of ideas.  We have two cats who have a tendency to jump on our kitchen counter when our backs are turned, so I knew any fresh flowers would not be safe in my kitchen.  Next!

Day 9, the penultimate assignment, was to MAKE A MEAL.  I hate to break it to you guys, but I make meals in my kitchen almost every day.  So yeah, I did technically fulfill this assignment.  I can’t even remember what I made now…I think it was a spinach pesto pasta? Yeah, let’s say it was that.

And on the final day of this Kitchn Cure, which started with a bang and definitely ended with a whimper, the assignment was to plan a dinner party.  I contemplated doing it.  I really did.  And some day I will.  But with a toddler in the house who goes to bed at 7 pm, a dinner party just doesn’t sound feasible.  We’ll do it some time, I’m sure.  Maybe we’ll make it a potluck, since I’m not sure how I’d get my son to bed AND make a multi-course meal for a group of people.  Perhaps a make-ahead casserole?

So yeah.  Not a roaring success, but I did re-line my kitchen shelves, clean out my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.  I even attempted to clean my oven.  My dishwasher has now died a slow, painful death so that could technically be my “special project” – but for now we are handwashing dishes until we have some money coming in again and can justify a big purchase like that.  The Kitchn Cure started off practical and ended up feeling more like it was a dreamer’s task.  Still, I’m glad I did it.  My kitchen stayed clean for about two days, so that’s something.

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  1. Grammie permalink
    December 4, 2013 11:18 am

    Hi, your kitchen project looks interesting but with all the years of experience and habits (my Mama and I cooked together regularly for over 60 years for a total of over a 150 yrs of experience) this old dog isn’t looking to learn new tricks. In fact, I could probably teach others a few nifty new to them tricks for the kitchen.

    I came here via You made a comment there that it brought you back to eating British baked beans growing up and as soon as I saw you had a link to reach you I skedaddled right over here.

    No, alas, I don’t share those memories but I am somewhat of an Anglophile and have noticed characters in BBC series seeming to eat baked beans on toast at breakfast and as a quick fall back meal for a light supper. The first time I thought I noticed it was Martin on a Touch of Frost having baked beans on toast for breakfast as a side to eggs and sausage in the canteen in the “Nick”.

    At first I thought I had been mistaken but then started seeing it sometimes on other series. I’ve just got to know how Baked Beans, especially on toast, became part of the diet of the average Brit? I’ve associated many foods with Britain but Baked Beans was definitely not one of them.

    So, what’s the story behind it? I thought your memories might make you a good source to fill me in on the role of the bean, and especially Baked Beans on Toast, in the British diet.

    Thanks, and I hope your employment problems are all resolved now.

    Janet Hawkins

    • December 4, 2013 11:26 am

      Hi Janet, that is so funny that my baked beans comment led you here. Welcome! I can’t say I know the entire back story. My parents are both British and they introduced me to Heinz vegetarian baked beans at an early age. They are very different from American (Boston) baked beans. I’ve always had them out of the can, and my attempts at making home made versions have not been very successful. I’m glad you reminded me of the recipe on Simply Recipes, I should try it out! I’m guessing the back story has something to do with limited food supply during war times, as I know that’s the general back story behind most shortcut / frugal / canned meals. Sorry I can’t enlighten you further!

      • Grammie permalink
        December 5, 2013 1:44 pm

        Thanks for the reply and what sounds to be a very reasonable explanation. As much English literature as I’ve read and what I’ve learned on the internet through my interest in WWII I had never heard of Baked Beans, especially at breakfast.

        I once read that in many respects our wonderful Brit saviors of the Western way of life suffered worse food shortages long term after the war than even the former Nazi states and our allies on the continent.. In fact I believe the last rationing in England ended sometime around 1954.

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