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Who’s Barefoot?

We’re a couple of friends making life happen in Southern California.

Jen and Laura have been friends since the good old college days when life was simpler but we managed to find ways to believe it was unfathomably complicated. This blog has evolved from years of daily email chats over everything from the state of the world to the minutiae of our last night’s sleep, and everything in between.

Laura is a mother, wife and a wannabe gourmet chef, but a government lawyer by trade. She loves anything pertaining to food and nutrition, and is admittedly a bit of a music, film, and literature nerd. She doesn’t exercise as much as she should, but she is taking baby steps toward being a better person, and isn’t that what counts? After battling infertility and winning, Laura finally got her number one wish to become a mom when her beautiful son made his entrance in February 2012.

Jennifer is the mother of two boys: a hilarious pre-schooler and a super-chunk soon-to-be toddler. She’s wife to a good man, and spends her days working full time as a bureaucrat, but she’d much rather fill her non-mom time with running, hiking, traveling and reading. She’s got a soft spot for chocolate bread pudding (no. literally. she’s got a mid-belly soft spot from that creamy rich deliciousness alone) and pudgy baby feet.

Laura and Jen hope that you find our space to be a comfy corner where you can spend a moment of your day laughing or commiserating over some aspect of the day to day grind and celebrating in the moments that make life anything but.


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