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a couple of incubators

June 9, 2011

Well hello and welcome to Jen and Laura’s House of Human Gestation!

Who’d have thought THIS would happen, huh? That we’d both be pregnant and due about two and a half weeks apart. Crazy times, these are. But it’s really freaking awesome (understatement!) and I couldn’t be happier.


Ok. that’s a lie. I would be happier if I didn’t feel like I was about to puke most of the day. That’s actually why I’ve been MIA for the last week. Because on Friday of last week I woke up feeling like I’d partied a littttle too hardy the night before and the hangover just hasn’t subsided. Ugh. Laura’s husband was sweet enough to pick up some preggie pop drops for me when he got some for Laura and those aren’t half bad! I’m hoping that Laura won’t need them at all.

And no, not because I want to take hers. sheesh.

I’m not puking. So there’s that. And I *know* that lots of women have a worse time of it than I’m having. But that doesn’t mean this doesn’t pretty much suck. I’m really hoping this goes away around the same time that it went away last time – about 9 weeks. I’ll be 7 weeks tomorrow, so that would give me another two weeks till it started to ease up. However, it’s worse this time so who knows. It’s anyone’s guess.

A girl can hope.

Anyway waiting in the wings of my brain (scary place) is a post about our recent bathroom re-do that is nearly complete and if you’ll indulge me I’ll tell you about Memorial Day weekend camping trip even though it was ages ago now.  Plus I need to update on Gus being almost freaking TWO and the state of our garden… lots of goings on around our house. Hopefully I’ll get to all those.

But if I don’t? You’ll know why. *gag*


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