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Nearly There…

January 26, 2012

Well here we are on my “due date” or close enough – I calculated it as the 27th but the doc has the 26th down, and really, does it matter at this point?

Things are going pretty well, all considered. As of yesterday I’m at 2cm, which is 1cm up from the last two weeks. Not as much as I’d hoped for (seeing as my sister was FIVE cm on her due date with her second. FIVE! oy) I didn’t ask about effacement and he didn’t say. Dr. stripped the membranes which was highly uncomfortable, but not on the order of what it’s trying to cause! Cervix is still pretty high but that’s common for 2+ timers, or so I hear.

Only black cloud is that my blood pressure has been running high and this concerns the doctor, but I show no other symptoms of pre-eclampsia so at this point we’re just watching things. With Gus the induction was ordered due to low amniotic fluid, but as of yesterday this kid’s supply was still within the good range and the placenta was looking good, and the NST was all good, so I got a reprieve for another two days.

I go back tomorrow to see if we’re going to let this little guy keep cooking away or if they’re going to evict him.

I’m trying to be ok with induction if that’s what the doctor orders. I’ve done my research, I know I can decline. I know that my pressures aren’t THAT high and I know that my baby would probably be just fine and come in his own time. But damn it’s hard to say all that when someone from the medical profession is looking you in the eye and giving his best medical advice (as far as you know) that your baby is better out than in.

Because what if he’s right?

It’s the situation I faced with Gus’ delivery and the situation I’ve dreaded since getting my BFP last May. And I know that, for me, the answer is more about getting my own heart and soul to be ok with whatever means to the healthy baby end. I need to be ready and I need to be ok with doing what needs to be done.

Because the fact of the matter always remains that I’m so fucking fortunate to even be in this moment. In all likelihood – regardless of method – all evidence points to this baby being in my arms very soon: alive and healthy and full-term. And the rest? is just icing.


speaking of icing. I’m trying to figure out what would go best on the “labor cake” I keep seeing recipes for. Not sure about its labor induction potential but god DAMN that thing looks delicious.

So do I go purist and use chocolate icing or maybe a nice cream cheese? I’ll have to see which way the wind blows me on the baking aisle. 🙂

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Peaches and Pumpkins permalink
    January 26, 2012 9:28 am

    I hope all goes well! I know your baby will be fine coming in his own time, but it’s hard to be patient! Especiaaly with doctors telling you to induce. Keep us posted! Thanks for sharing:)

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